About Me/My Manifesto

A mom, volunteer in public education, and digital marketer, I live between strip malls in suburban Fort Lauderdale with my husband, little superhero, littler diva, multiple metric tons of Legos and Shopkins, and a rotating cast of imaginary and flatulent sea creatures.

  1. We need diverse books. I started writing for children seriously (with an SCBWI membership card and all) when I noticed a dearth of books featuring multi-racial children from multi-cultural marriages like our infant son (we now have a daughter too). Of course, a lack of ethnically diverse books is just plain dumb marketing. Ethnic diversity in kidlit is just one leg: I still feel the sting of the 80s’/90s’ lack of children’s books that showcased “surviving siblings” like me. What makes us different doesn’t always define us; usually it’s all we know. Either way, I don’t want another child standing in front of a bookcase and not seeing him/her/themselves reflected back. Also, no child should ever see pouffy, curled bangs reflected back either. Thanks.
  2. Being one-dimensional stunts us. I lead a double life, between the two worlds of digital marketing technology project manager and children’s writer. However, I don’t shapeshift as much as you probably think. There is very similar base logic behind Agile/SDLC/UX and writing a decent book. Doing both makes me exhausted but better at both.  Time management? Continuous improvement and evaluation of processes? Attention to detail vis-a-vis big picture? CHECK!
  3. Doing (whatever good thing) for the kids IS a noble calling… as well as the whole point of life. We all make the world better in the way we are meant to. As someone who has always worked in demanding professional positions, it happens that helping kids is my passion. The six-year-olds asking if it’s true I have freeze rays in my fingertips (as Elsa’s Pixar animators scream in horror) are here and are a lot of work regardless. A little bit of time, empathy, and investment can turn the future insurance adjuster into the genius who builds my robotic kidney in 50 years.  And if you’re a writer, of course…
  4. …Kids are way better story-starters than adults. Slowing down, being mindful, and listening to my kids and their friends, is the best writing prompt ever. As well as, you know, the way to prevent Mrs. F’s kindergarten class from their plot to form a Megazord after considerable dispute over who gets to be the butt and overthrow the White house.