Future Historical Fiction

A young X/old Millennial born and bred in the US, I don’t see my peers writing a lot of historical fiction based on our childhoods. I was teased about my resemblance to Tonya Harding as a pre-teen. My friend Meredith made a catchy rap about the first Bush puking on the Japanese Prime Minister. Long before I knew where Kuwait was, I wanted nothing to do with the group of girls who walked out of school and chained their overplucked-eyebrow selves to a fence to protest the first Gulf War. Crimes against fashion aside (WTF with those mile-high bangs?!) New England in 80s/90s apparently had long ago seen its heyday in historical significance.* I got my crazy from Narnia and HG Wells. I could shut the book to the horror, and from that calm can’t get excited to write realistic fiction.

Fast forward to the 2010s when my own kids are in elementary school – they and their friends see that the adults around them are varying degrees of scared and frustrated. Without a specific antagonist to pinpoint, the fiction series of the Land of Opportunity has unraveled.

Our country’s apparent desire to cast its children as annoying minor characters, breeds monsters and generates black holes we don’t understand that will echo for generations. It’s not just my own two children I love and care about, and wish they were growing up in a safer and more boring world.

While silver linings don’t excuse the clouds – I expect some *intense* historical fiction as today’s little ones grow up.

Fun fact about this video: the woman who gave my daughter this microphone protested with the Black Panthers back in the 60s.

*Word to the wise if you have relatives in MA: Plymouth Rock is Not. That. Interesting.

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