Why UnderCover Writer?

This is for all the people frantically swilling coffee and world-building at 3 AM. You all know we don’t *choose* to be writers, it’s something that chooses us. And unless we’re born zillionaires, we have to balance with work, bill-paying, and other boring adult responsibilities.

I work in a field – marketing technology – that seems to insist on 24-7 obsession. And in fairness, I’m often working with or competing with very cool, interesting neurodiverse people whose difference means their passion for their job consumes them. Let’s just say I’ve learned to stop friending colleagues on Goodreads. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m a better writer because of my work in digital marketing. And I’m a better digital marketer because I’m a writer. Most people can’t or choose not to see the cross-pollination between skills. For too long I tried to explain, to apologize for who I am and for my purpose.

Then I got hit by a dump truck. Regardless the other driver’s possible motives or mental state when he hit me, I was left with multiple injuries and a bad concussion that made being a “patient” a full-time job. Many people in my life were absolutely livid with me that I let my job take a back burner to my recovery.  It was a wake-up call to say the least: Somehow I’d built my life so that people in it saw a digital build as more urgent than my regaining full use of my right arm.

I couldn’t stop thinking that I could have died unpublished.

Evangelists, control freaks, and salespeople generally annoy me, so I’m done arguing and here doing my thing. Now that I have my injuries under control (or at least I’m accustomed to my new normal), I’m back to writing.

More importantly, I’m here to empower others in my shoes.

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